The evaluation

The value

Base elements

The analysis results (values; see green marking in Figure 1) are determined, with the exception of Alkalinity, with our ICP-OES. The Alkalinity, however, we determine this in our laboratory using a high-precision titrator.

The base elements (see purple mark in Figure 1) include the carbonate hardness (KH) and salinity. These two calculated reference values only are fixed values and are NOT based on the salinity calculated in your aquarium(black mark).



Calculated reference value

This corresponds to the difference in your results to the calculated reference values. (see red marking in Figure 1) It shows the concentration differences between the calculated reference values and the actual measured values of your aquarium water. A difference of -5 mg/l indicates that the value in the aquarium is 5 mg/l too low.

The calculated reference values (Reference values given are based on average readings of worldwide reef environments, black mark in Figure 1), They are calculated individually based on the measured salinity of your aquarium water. Note: The values given in normal literature reflect often rigidly to a salinity of 35 PSU.


Figure 2

Figure 1


The results are evaluated in the form of a simple system (see yellow marker Figure 1). Green arrow = everything normal; Down Red Arrow = results lower than recommended reference values; Up Arrow = results higher than recommended reference values.



The recommended action to correct water chemistry in your aquarium are grouped under recommendations (see blue marking in Figure 2, top). ATI may send extra individual recommendations, if necessary.

If it recommends a supplement dose per day 10ml for 2 days, then you dose for 2 days 10 ml per day from the specified Supplement. The values are based on the volume you stored of the aquarium size.

The recommendations are automatically generated. It is possible that the use of different Phosphate adsorbers is recommended. In this case use them alternately.



Share results

If you click on the green box. View. A box showing the results with instructions on correction dosing for that particular element will be shown.

You can publish your Analysis on the Internet. Simply create a link for this (see blue marking in Figure 2, below) by clicking “Generate Link” button. Copy the link address then just paste in your post. After the link has been created, you can use “Delete Link” link button to delete the link irrevocably.