Frequently Asked Questions

We have a complete user guide in our files section but here are some frequently asked questions:

What are ATI Essentials and what do they do?

It’s a 3 part liquid balling method that not only maintains Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium but also all minor and major elements too for your marine / reef aquarium to thrive all in a balanced way.


How do I use ATI Essentials?

The 3 bottles supplied will need to be mixed with Reverse Osmosis water (purified water of a zero TDS value) and then dosed either manually per day or for complete ease of use via a dosing pump into you’re aquarium or sump. By using a dosing pump it fully automates your full daily consumption and breaks it down into smaller equal amounts dosed over a 24hr period.


Can I start using the ATI Essentials straight away in my marine reef aquarium?

In short yes, just monitor your alkalinity and calcium levels via you’re home aquarium test kits for the first couple of weeks so that the dosing of the ATI essentials can be adjusted depending on your aquariums uptake of the essential trace elements within.

We’d always recommend sending of a sample of your aquarium water and Reverse Osmosis water to ATI Aquaristik for testing first. This way the ATI – ICP-OES test can see if any adjustments or any previously undetected problems need to be addressed first saving you time and money and potentially the lives of your inhabitants.


What is an ATI – ICP-OES test and how does it help my saltwater aquarium?

ATI Aquaristik using the highest quality laboratory grade ICP-OES machine in its class, will analyse 39 of your saltwater aquarium parameters. The ATI ICP-OES test now includes a complementary test of your Reverse Osmosis water as well, so you can be sure your RO water is actually pure and your RO unit is functioning correctly. Simply fill the third test vial with RO water and mark it with a permanent marker pen ‘R.O.’  the other two test vials will be filled with your aquarium water as normal.

The ICP –OES test is used as a diagnostic tool for trouble shooting any aquarium issues, but to see consumption of trace elements and any trends through parameter shifts detected from one ICP-OES test to the next. This can be used for any other manufactured aquarium products or equipment. It can determine whether your home aquarium test kits are accurate if used on the same day of collecting sample and comparing the results. Most importantly any recommendations or adjustments from your results are based on the accurate measurement of the salinity value of your aquarium water. The first ICP-OES test to offer this!


Can I use ATI Essentials and ATI ICP-OES test on any other manufactureR’s filtration system?

Of course ATI Essentials allows you to run your aquarium filtration, lighting, water flow etc. etc. the way you find works best. We’re always around to help and advise on best practices and our helpful Facebook group allows people to share these experiences. ATI Essentials doesn’t tie you to any particular method as other brands do.  The ATI ICP-OES test can of course be used by all, many will test every month without fail to monitor their Reef aquariums journey so that any potential issues can be easily identified and of course averted. This way it also allows you to fine tune any supplements that are being used more quickly and thus maintaining any short fall. This way also benefits you from not having to do any water changes unless a problem is detected to restore balance and or dilute any accumulation.

Some people may choose to do a test once in a while just to see how things are doing on their chosen method, the choice is yours.


Are regular water changes still required when using ATI Essential?

ATI Essentials are adding 24/7 all the required trace elements to your aquarium in a balanced way by dosing, which can be fine tuned to your own aquariums consumption. This balance and equilibrium allows you to negate the need of a regular water change as by doing them you would be adding an unknown and potentially unbalanced quantity of trace elements through this water change and thus changing the equilibrium and stability of the trace element balance you’ve already achieved through the dosing of ATI Essentials.  Remember your also adding Reverse Osmosis water on an automatic top up system to keep salinity stable from evaporation and the ATI ICP-OES test will be testing the purity of this as part of the test also. At times if a shift in water parameters has been detected via the ICP-OES test then a water change maybe the best way in short to dilute an accumulation or imbalance. This would show as a recommendation as part of your ATI ICP-OES test results with instructions to follow clearly listed.


Can I swap to the ATI.Lab range from another method and use the ATI Essentials instead?

Yes of course you can, we’d recommend that if you’re switching from another brand that to begin with you use the recommend 10 ml of ATI Essentials per 100 litres of aquarium water and monitor daily by home testing Alkalinity and Calcium and adjust accordingly.

Many that switch to ATI Essentials find instant improvements with the health, vitality and colours of corals, but many also find they use end up using less ATI Essentials compared with other brands and maintaining a far more balance of all elements which in turn makes ATI Essentials the most cost effect complete element supplement delivery system out there.