Developed in the lab, using advanced analytic studies of tropical reef aquariums, the ATI.Lab Essentials range of products provides a complete support system. Easily tailored to the needs of your aquarium, ATI Essentials include all essential trace elements as well as calcium, magnesium and carbonates to fully support the biology of your aquarium.

  • ATI Essentials 1000ml

    Developed in the Laboratory and formulated by using advanced analytic data from optimum tropical reef aquariums. This ATI Lab Essentials range will provide a complete support system which can be easily tailored to the needs of your aquarium.

    £9.99£28.99 inc Vat -4%
  • ATI Essentials Pro

    • Contains all essential elements and trace elements.
    • Space-saving, 2 x 2 litres replace 3 x 10 litres conventional element supply.
    • Highly concentrated (27.300 °dKH and 195.000 mg calcium per set), ready to use.
    • Promotes coral growth, coloration and vitality.
    • Perfect for beginners and professionals.
    £14.90£97.99 inc Vat -7%
  • ATI Nano Essentials

    The simple route to developing a thriving reef aquarium, with Nano Essentials you can easily supply your aquarium with all the vital elements and minerals needed by your smaller aquarium’s inhabitants.

    £13.99£22.99 inc Vat -9%
  • ATI Nutrition 500ml

    • Complements the supply of Essentials pro with organic compounds and nutrients.
    • Permits the perfect adjustment of nutrients according to the Redfield ratio and actively prevents nutrient limitations.
    • actively increases the formation of chromoproteins in corals.
    • promotes the growth and vitality of all reef dwellers.
    £14.90 inc Vat