Correction of salinity

To stabilise the salinity

The Essentials 123 together make up a seawater-like liquid of which the majority will be consumed by your animals. However, after its use it will still lead to a gradual increase in the salinity of your aquarium water. This results in the need of a miniature water exchange, ( salt with fresh) this can correct the salinity of your aquarium water. To achieve this only the aquarium water for the same amount 0 tds osmosis water must be replaced.

Salinity correction

The essentials together create a sea water-like liquid, which can safely compensate for the substances consumed by your animals. Their use, however, To a gradual increase in the salinity of your aquarium water. This results in the possibility of a miniature water change, which also corrects the salinity of your aquarium water. For this purpose, only aquarium water has to be exchanged for the same amount of osmosis water. The salinity correction can be carried out at any time. However, you can also automate the salinity correction via a free channel on your dosing pump. Please use the form below (see below).


Execute salinity correction manually

The salinity I need to specify PSU. If you are only able to determine the density of your aquarium water (spindle, ƒrometer), use for conversion. One of the tables provided on the Internet (look for “density to salinit ‰ t”, for example).

Water exchange in litres0

Net water volume of the aquarium in litres:
Measured salinity in PSU (actual):
Strict salinity in PSU:

Note: In exceptional cases, a negative number (for example, -115) is calculated. In this case the salinity of your aquarium water drops despite the use of Essentials. Now replace the makeup water, to compensate for the evaporation, the calculated amount to seawater