To create your free account

Go to or click here to reach our lab page to open your free account (see black mark in the figure). We require only a username, a valid email address and a password.

To create a new aquarium:

After registration, you are forwarded the home screen. Here you can add your or your aquarium. Click on the “Aquarium Add” button (see black Mark in the figure). Enter your aquarium a name and enter its estimated net volume. In the near future you will also have the option to add an image of your aquarium.

To submit a new water sample

Select the Aquarium for analysis on the home page. Click the “Submit new water sample” button (see black mark in the figure) and enter the bar code, located on the test tube, in the appropriate fields. This will enable your analysis. Don’t have a test kit?


To collect a water sample:

Rinse this the test tube several times to be tested with the aquarium water through and then fill them with at least 30 ml. Replace the cap of the test tube carefully. Dry the test tubes before inserting them into the shipping bag.

Send shipping bag as standard letter back to us.

The adress is:

ATI Aquaristik

Herbert-Rust-Weg 14

59071 Hamm, Germany

How to find your results:

We will analyse your water sample after receipt within 24 hours. Immediately after we’ve uploaded your data analysis we will notify you by email and a green button “Analysis” appears next to the aquarium (see black mark in the figure). Clicking on the link will take you to Analysis results. If there are multiple results stored, these are date sorted.