About ATI Aquaristik

ATI has been successfully producing highly specialised lighting and filter technology for years. Focussing on unrivalled levels of performance and eco-friendly efficiency, ATI is our preferred supplier and we recommend them unequivocally. Inspired by the natural world in everything they do, ATI have developed products for coral and fish care which reflect the natural environment as closely as possible.

ATI Lab is their state-of-the-art ‘Reef Aquarium’ support system. This enables you to replicate the naturally occurring water chemistry found throughout thriving wild reef environments in your own aquarium. The system has been developed using the latest advanced analytics gathered over years of research within reef aquariums. ATI now have their own highly advanced modern laboratory for water analysis,¬†which is available for everyone to use to gain a conclusive element analysis. A massive benefit when it comes to gaining complete control of your aquarium’s water balance, health and vitality.